From Art

Art can be a source of great healing, expression, and self-discovery. It can also be a powerful tool when used together in community.

Divergent Thinking

divergent & convergent thinking

A mentor of mine once told me that part of my job is to leave the office sometimes and go to the movies, or go for a walk, or go to the lake so that I can get distance from what I am trying to do. It’s like leaving the main floor at a show …

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A Dynamic Faith

Baptismal Song

About ten years ago I got an email about Grace Commons (then called Wicker Park Grace) that said this: Before our discussions I naively thought that Christianity was a one dimensional theology with minor shifts in beliefs across denominations; and I definitely thought that it did not coincide with my own world view. However, after …

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Church for the 21st Century

Shawna's art notes-remix

I just returned from a 3-day leadership consultation with the national offices of the Presbyterian Church (USA). My good friend and colleague, Rev. Shawna Bowman was there too. She wrote/drew the amazing notes above, while we were talking about new things that are happening or that we wish were happening in the churches. The gathering …

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Be Amazing

Santa by Dale Sawyer

For the last two weeks I’ve been preaching on 1 Corinthians 12, the verses where it talks about us having a variety of gifts empowered by the same spirit. It’s a message that Paul was giving to the church at Corinth, so that all people in the community would be honored and so that people …

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