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For people who have been hurt by Christianity in any form.

Into the Wilderness

Vigil at Fourth

Sermon – Into the Wilderness by Nanette Sawyer Jazz Vespers, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL June 16, 2016 Our biblical story today is from the book of 1 Kings—a book that begins with the death of King David, tells of the rise and fall of King Solomon, and the division of the kingdom into two …

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Spiritual Practice@Home: Today, I Am Alive

Dandelion by Yutaka Seki, flickr CC

This is an invitation to stop and look, for just one minute. Stop. And Look. And contemplate this: today, you are alive. Today, I am alive. In this moment, what is happening? Do you notice the people around you? Do you recognize the great good fortune it is to simply be here now? I tried …

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Spiritual Practice @Home: The Welcoming Prayer

Daniel D'Auria

The Welcoming Prayer Welcome, welcome, welcome. I welcome everything that comes to me today because I know it’s for my healing. I welcome all thoughts, feelings, emotions, persons, situations, and conditions. I let go of my desire for power and control. I let go of my desire for affection, esteem, approval and pleasure. I let …

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Spiritual Practice@Home :: Be Kind


Not merely because Henry James said there were but four rules of life— be kind be kind be kind be kind— but because it’s good for the soul, and, what’s more, for others; it may be that kindness is our best audition for a worthier world, and, despite the vagueness and uncertainty of its recompense, …

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