From Personal Musings

These posts include stories from my life as I seek to live a transformed faith.

Bride 1 & Bride 2

Bride one and bride two

When my partner and I went to the county clerk’s office to get our marriage license, the clerk asked us, “Do you want to be referred to as spouse and spouse, or bride and bride?” I looked at my girlfriend and thought of the two t-shirts she had specially made for us. They said, Bride …

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A Love that Enriches

Ani, Nanette -2

As a pastor, I have officiated many weddings and seen lots of emotions between brides and grooms, and some of my emotions mirror theirs. There was a bride who couldn’t stop crying during her pre-marital counseling sessions. In that case, I think it was because she was so overwhelmed by the reality of being deeply …

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When I walked into the ballroom where I was to be married, I walked into a crowd of 120 people all standing in honor of me and the ceremony that was about to happen. Their standing gave a sense of gravity to the moment. It felt real and deep. This was important! The crowd seemed …

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Sacrifice and Substitution?

love book-cropped

I received two notes last week on the day I posted about “Restoration not Retribution.” The first one was from a man who beautifully and articulately described his Christian faith in God and Jesus, along with the Christian practice of communion and its meaning in his own life. He just couldn’t believe that Jesus died …

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A Dynamic Faith

Baptismal Song

About ten years ago I got an email about Grace Commons (then called Wicker Park Grace) that said this: Before our discussions I naively thought that Christianity was a one dimensional theology with minor shifts in beliefs across denominations; and I definitely thought that it did not coincide with my own world view. However, after …

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