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These posts explore our attempts to talk about God, who is beyond our understanding.

For the Good of All

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For the Good of All – July 3, 2016 Fourth Presbyterian Church Galatians 6:1-10 (NRSV) Our second reading today comes from Paul’s letter to the Galatian Churches. It’s an emotional and rhetorical letter as Paul is defending his honor and explaining his teachings to a community that has been infiltrated, so to speak, by teachers …

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My Testimony for Marriage Equality in my church

Stained Glass

I’m happy to report that the vote in my Presbytery, (Chicago), to expand the definition of marriage in the constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA), was 179 yes, 60 no, with 8 abstentions. If this change is adopted, the PC(USA) constitution would not limit marriage to being between a man and a woman, and would say …

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Sacrifice and Substitution?

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I received two notes last week on the day I posted about “Restoration not Retribution.” The first one was from a man who beautifully and articulately described his Christian faith in God and Jesus, along with the Christian practice of communion and its meaning in his own life. He just couldn’t believe that Jesus died …

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Restoration not Retribution

holey bread

The first time I encountered the season of Lent a friend of mine invited me to attend his church. I was not a Christian, I thought. I had left the church of my childhood, renounced it, because I had learned that being a Christian was primarily about ideas. And they were ideas that I couldn’t …

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Let Lent Be About Love

red flower in ash

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, a day to remember our mortality and begin our 40 day journey toward Easter. It seems like a good idea to acknowledge our vulnerability as human beings. We are so breakable. And I mean that physically, spiritually, and morally. To be marked with a gray ash sign of the cross harkens …

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