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These are videos created in my community, or by me, or links to videos related to or inspiring what I do.

Spiritual Practice@Home: Naked Spirituality


I’ve been enjoying Brian McLaren’s book, Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in 12 Simple Words. In case you don’t know Brian, he became well known after writing a book called A New Kind of Christian, and has since written a wide range of forward thinking and inspirational books about a generous kind of Christianity. …

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Divergent Thinking

divergent & convergent thinking

A mentor of mine once told me that part of my job is to leave the office sometimes and go to the movies, or go for a walk, or go to the lake so that I can get distance from what I am trying to do. It’s like leaving the main floor at a show …

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Love your enemies: an illuminated reading


One of the techniques we’ve developed at Grace Commons is to read a scripture while inserting commentary as you go. People have told me that this is similar to expository preaching, although I’ve never learned about that specifically. I find that many people are hungry to better understand biblical stories, and definitely want to un-do …

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Visual Prayer–Dear God, are you here?

Dear God, are you here?

These original photos were taken at Lake Michigan on my iPhone 4 through the instagram app. I tweeted them with words of prayer, and this is how I prayed that day. I put the slides with words into a PowerPoint slideshow, then turned that into a Quicktime movie and uploaded it to YouTube. In the …

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Non-Violence: Police Awareness training

Police Awareness Training

I thought I would watch bits of this, but ended up watching the whole thing, two hours! It’s very, very interesting information, which clearly comes from years of experience in social justice movements. Jerry Boyle from the National Lawyer’s Guild gave a two-hour training/workshop on how to deal with police at the Occupy Chicago site …

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