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Spiritual Journey Interview

30 Good Minutes. A weekly series featuring religious leaders discussing meaning, ethics and spirituality. Broadcast on WTTW/Channel 11 in Chicago.

The Ooze TV: ThinkFwd Series

Rev. Nanette Sawyer talks about the spiritual practice of hospitality in a church that meets in an urban art gallery and has organic gardens.

Ministry in the 21st Century: Urban Experiments

TheChristianCentury-image Rev. Nanette Sawyer talks about the challenges and surprises of her early years in ministry in this series on emerging practices in churches.

The Christian Century is a progressive, ecumenical magazine based in Chicago. Committed to thinking critically and living faithfully, the Century explores what it means to believe and live out the Christian faith in our time.

To read the article on their website requires a subscription, but here’s a pdf of the full article for free. Reprinted with permission.

The church downtown: Strategies for urban ministry

TCC-TCD-2008-03-11-cover Rev. Nanette Sawyer is interviewed about the early days of the church she founded in an art gallery, Wicker Park Grace. The interviewer writes, “Wicker Park Grace is a good, small, delicate thing, riding the tides of gentrification and gathering up refugees from other churches, promising a more peaceful, gentle way.”

The full article is available on-line. Here’s a pdf of the two pages focusing on Wicker Park Grace. Reprinted with permission.

The Sacred Art of Hospitality interview with Nanette Sawyer

ReadtheSpiritBooks-logo The Sacred Art of Hospitality interview with Nanette Sawyer
“This isn’t a cookbook guaranteeing church growth as an outcome. This book is about learning the “Art of Spiritual Living.” This process makes for a better life—and a better world.”

Read The Spirit is a publishing company, an online magazine and a network of writers connecting readers with the most important voices in religion, spirituality, interfaith and cross-cultural issues.