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Be Amazing

Santa by Dale Sawyer

For the last two weeks I’ve been preaching on 1 Corinthians 12, the verses where it talks about us having a variety of gifts empowered by the same spirit. It’s a message that Paul was giving to the church at Corinth, so that all people in the community would be honored and so that people …

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No Future


I have a wonderful spiritual director through The Claret Center in Hyde Park. We’ve been meeting for about 8 months and focusing on how to achieve balance in my life. In other words, how can I rest? What stops me from renewing? Why do I let my sabbath time slip so easily away? How can …

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Love your enemies: an illuminated reading


One of the techniques we’ve developed at Grace Commons is to read a scripture while inserting commentary as you go. People have told me that this is similar to expository preaching, although I’ve never learned about that specifically. I find that many people are hungry to better understand biblical stories, and definitely want to un-do …

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Joy ~ Consenting to Worthiness


This is the third week of Advent, and at Grace Commons we have a tradition of honoring Mary on this week. In the past we’ve used the theme of Courage and Action, contemplating how much courage it takes sometimes to move into action. Mary, the mother of God, is such a great, courageous example for …

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A Network of Friends Seeking Transformation


I’m always amazed when I watch this video, by the huge amount of similarity we use in talking about our emerging efforts at being church in new ways. Created in the spring of 2010 at a gathering in Minneapolis, this video features 16 really cool people doing awesome things across the country. Each of us …

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