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A Sanctuary in Time


It’s hard to really experience sabbatical when I still have to preach, make a bulletin, plan for summer worship and even fall worship (!) because I won’t be able to do that over the summer. There are also grant proposals upon which the future depends… I was hoping I would really be working a lot …

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My Lunch with John Cobb


I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Well, and I was brave. I was attending the Emergent Village Theological Conversation a few weeks ago and just loving the conversation about Process Theology. On several occasions I was hovering around waiting for a chance to talk to John Cobb, a …

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Abundance in a throwaway culture

hangers by reduse-2

Sometimes it seems like we have too much abundance in the U.S. I just came home from the store where I saw a box of chocolate covered cherries for $1.50. I bought a sweater for $11.00. It does not feel right, it feels wrong to be able to purchase a brand new article of clothing …

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A Life Well-Lived

Graceful Living-detail 1

I often speak about God’s dream for the world–that our world would become a place of shalom, meaning peace and wholeness and well-being. When I invite people to the communion table, for example, I often say that at the communion table we embody God’s dreams for a world where there will be no more tears, …

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Graceful Living: Faith, Values, and Money

Graceful Living

In November I’m blogging this book by Laura Dunham, Graceful Living: Your Faith, Values, and Money in Changing Times. Laura is a Presbyterian minister, a certified financial planner, and a former college professor. We’re taking a look at Stewardship at Wicker Park Grace, and how our relationship with money affects our relationships with the world …

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