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My Lunch with John Cobb


I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Well, and I was brave. I was attending the Emergent Village Theological Conversation a few weeks ago and just loving the conversation about Process Theology. On several occasions I was hovering around waiting for a chance to talk to John Cobb, a …

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Abundance in a throwaway culture

hangers by reduse-2

Sometimes it seems like we have too much abundance in the U.S. I just came home from the store where I saw a box of chocolate covered cherries for $1.50. I bought a sweater for $11.00. It does not feel right, it feels wrong to be able to purchase a brand new article of clothing …

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Non-Violence: Police Awareness training

Police Awareness Training

I thought I would watch bits of this, but ended up watching the whole thing, two hours! It’s very, very interesting information, which clearly comes from years of experience in social justice movements. Jerry Boyle from the National Lawyer’s Guild gave a two-hour training/workshop on how to deal with police at the Occupy Chicago site …

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A Life Well-Lived

Graceful Living-detail 1

I often speak about God’s dream for the world–that our world would become a place of shalom, meaning peace and wholeness and well-being. When I invite people to the communion table, for example, I often say that at the communion table we embody God’s dreams for a world where there will be no more tears, …

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Graceful Living: Faith, Values, and Money

Graceful Living

In November I’m blogging this book by Laura Dunham, Graceful Living: Your Faith, Values, and Money in Changing Times. Laura is a Presbyterian minister, a certified financial planner, and a former college professor. We’re taking a look at Stewardship at Wicker Park Grace, and how our relationship with money affects our relationships with the world …

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