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Spiritual Practice@Home: Today, I Am Alive

Dandelion by Yutaka Seki, flickr CC

This is an invitation to stop and look, for just one minute. Stop. And Look. And contemplate this: today, you are alive. Today, I am alive. In this moment, what is happening? Do you notice the people around you? Do you recognize the great good fortune it is to simply be here now? I tried …

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Visual Prayer–Dear God, are you here?

Dear God, are you here?

These original photos were taken at Lake Michigan on my iPhone 4 through the instagram app. I tweeted them with words of prayer, and this is how I prayed that day. I put the slides with words into a PowerPoint slideshow, then turned that into a Quicktime movie and uploaded it to YouTube. In the …

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Joy ~ Consenting to Worthiness


This is the third week of Advent, and at Grace Commons we have a tradition of honoring Mary on this week. In the past we’ve used the theme of Courage and Action, contemplating how much courage it takes sometimes to move into action. Mary, the mother of God, is such a great, courageous example for …

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I am so impressed with this woman. She is making a pie a day for a year – one to give away every day to someone for whom she is thankful. What a wonderful practice. My friend, Adam Walker Cleveland is a pastor at her church and was the lucky recipient of pie #186. I’m …

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A Life Well-Lived

Graceful Living-detail 1

I often speak about God’s dream for the world–that our world would become a place of shalom, meaning peace and wholeness and well-being. When I invite people to the communion table, for example, I often say that at the communion table we embody God’s dreams for a world where there will be no more tears, …

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