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Church for the 21st Century

Shawna's art notes-remix

I just returned from a 3-day leadership consultation with the national offices of the Presbyterian Church (USA). My good friend and colleague, Rev. Shawna Bowman was there too. She wrote/drew the amazing notes above, while we were talking about new things that are happening or that we wish were happening in the churches. The gathering …

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wordle 2

What fun! This week I was introduced to a new website: wordle.net. Just type in words, or paste in large amounts of text, and “create.” The larger the word, the more times it appeared in your text. This wordle is based on a combination of words people wrote down during the Taize Vespers gathering on …

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Born of a Woman


Last year (2010) in the weeks leading up to Christmas, we did an art project at Wicker Park Grace during our Sunday Gatherings in which we transformed Christmas advertisements into a spiritual symbol. The idea was to disconnect from the excessive commercialism that Christmas has become, and reconnect to the underlying spiritual story of how …

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Story Bread, connecting us

Wicker Park Grace movie clip

In case you missed our new video earlier this summer, here it is again. It’s just 4 minutes long, and gives a good sense of the spirit of Wicker Park Grace! Towards the end of the video you’ll see me breaking bread and talking about the meaning of communion. That week I called the communion …

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Restorative Justice

This is the sermon I preached on Sunday morning, Sept 11, 2011, at Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church. I gave a shorter version at Wicker Park Grace that evening. Click the audio icon at the end of this post to listen in. You can also right click here and “save link as” to download the mp3 …

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