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A Dynamic Faith

Baptismal Song

About ten years ago I got an email about Grace Commons (then called Wicker Park Grace) that said this: Before our discussions I naively thought that Christianity was a one dimensional theology with minor shifts in beliefs across denominations; and I definitely thought that it did not coincide with my own world view. However, after …

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Church for the 21st Century

Shawna's art notes-remix

I just returned from a 3-day leadership consultation with the national offices of the Presbyterian Church (USA). My good friend and colleague, Rev. Shawna Bowman was there too. She wrote/drew the amazing notes above, while we were talking about new things that are happening or that we wish were happening in the churches. The gathering …

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Shawna’s live painting at Moltmann conversation

Shawna painted this 8 x 6 foot mural during the Wednesday night session of the Moltmann conversation. It took her a couple of hours. She began during the welcome and painted all through the opening presentations and the communion service. After it was done, it was auctioned off to participants of the conference and ended up …

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